Photo : manutdfanatic10: In an attempt to honour Black History Month by utilising my history knowledge and sharing unique facts about the amazing and fascinating things that I have learnt about the kingdoms and empires of Africa each day a sort of Fact of the Day. I hope everyone knows that I am simply trying to honour the great yet extremely unknown history of Africa and I mean no disrespect to anyone of any background or culture. Special thanks for inspiration and some information to BBC Four and Dr Gus Casely-Hayfords documentary Lost Kingdoms of Africa as well as Mr Raymond Reid for allowing me to run some ideas by him. The Kingdom of Axum was regarded as one of the four great empires by the Persian prophet Mani of his day the others being Rome Persia and China. Axum is unique in transitioning from being a Jewish kingdom to adopting Christianity in the 4th century and even accepting Muslim refugees escaping persecution during what is known as the First Hijra in Islamic history. Axum being located in the ‘Horn of Africa on the east coast near the Red Sea was a major crossroads in the global trade market of the day. At its peak Axum included parts of modern Yemen Saudi Arabia Sudan Eritrea and Egypt and whilst some other kingdoms succumbed to Rome the Kingdom of Axum actually assisted the Byzantines in conquering part of the Arabian peninsula. Elaborate obelisks that served as grave markers were constructed throughout the region including the worlds tallest and many exist to this day. ethio #KEYWORDS #Hashtags You can see it here:

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