Photo : jemalski: The Kebero is a major component in Ethiopian Orthodox Church Liturgical Music or Mezmur as it is more commonly defined. A large wooden two sided drum the Kebero can be found in most if not every Ethiopian Orthodox Church across the globe. The construction of the drum and the manner in which it is played offers some beautiful insights into Ethiopian Orthodox Theology. The drum usually rests on its side but the actual base of the drum the smaller side represents the Old Testament and symbolizes the churches base as Torah the writings and the Prophets. The top of the drum which is significantly larger represents the New Testament and its subsequent theology involving the saving works and Gospel of Yeshua. The two sides have noticeably different pitches with the base side being a higher pitch than the larger side which actually is a more definitive deeper bass sound. During the liturgical performances where the drum is used the drum establishes a rhythm where both large and small side are struck interchangeably in a seeming call and response while guiding the singers with this syncopated rhythm which represents the harmonious relationship between The Old and New Testament within Orthodox Theology. Contrary to what critics and detractors opposed to Eastern Orthodoxy say the Ethiopian Orthodox Church is an ALL TESTAMENT church not giving emphasis to Old over New but rather worshipping the Creator God The Son and the Father with a deep reverence and awe and love of the entirety of the Divine revelation presence history of and plan for his creation and his children as it ultimately points to the Savior of the World as the Enthroned King over the Universe. Thank you and blessings my sister @angelinagabriela #ethiopianorthodoxchurch #ethiopianorthodoxtewehedochurch #asianorthodoxy #orthodoxliturgy #habesha #ethiopian #hebrewrootschristianity #BisrateGabrielChurch #KEYWORDS #Hashtags You can see it here:

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