Photo : jemalski: This is an appeal to reason and not a self righteous rant. This morning I had my first ever experience with someone attempting to proselytize and get me to look at their religion. My cab driver claimed that his religion was SUPERIOR to all other religions in the world because it was preaching the Kingdom of God and telling people to come out of the world and prepare for the coming Kingdom. The gentleman said that no other religion does this rather the other religions promote and perpetuate the world system by helping people to better live in it and work to actually fix it.. I challenged him telling him there are a lot of churches that preach about the corrupt nature of the current world system. I also said that as beings imitating the Messiah Christians are bound to do good works and serve humanity uplifting all around us. To seek out the disadvantaged and the oppressed and serve without question. The man replies oh well I guess you need to feed them in order to preach to them”. I mentioned to him to read Matthew 25:30 to the end of the chapter to see whats truly expected of Christians. I left his cab with a bit of vomit in my mouth as he continued to urge me to check out the website for his church. I walked away wondering just how do Christians ignore Yeshuas BLATENT MANDATES AND COMMANDS to obey his laws of love and imitate him in his acts of service compassion and the pursuit of Peace through justice. Selflessly helping those in need coming to the aid of the downtrodden troubled and oppressed and selflessly serving in our communities without looking for rewards or recognition are the ways of God. Serving without the fireworks and flag waving but rather service in near obscurity without hesitation is the mark if the truly converted. In the times ahead we will need to be doing just that. Serving selflessly not for gain reward or recognition but because you honestly want to see the captives and the oppressed free. You want to be an agent used to lift someone out of suffering. You want to and need to protect your brothers and sisters in the face of violent oppression. The Time is Now. #thegospel #orthodox #KEYWORDS #Hashtags You can see it here:

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