Photo : jemalski: Why is it when I mention social justice and responsibility among the supposedly more knowledgeable members of the Christian community I get such strong pushback? People treat the necessary aspects of Christendom like extra-credit activities and not the mandatory behaviors and actions that they truly are. God saves and cleanses you EVERYDAY he hears your prayers EVERY HOUR and is there for you EVERY SECOND. So why cant we as adopted heirs imitating our God be the same for ALL MEN around us? Do the homeless stop being homeless? Are there not members of the community in need everyday? Are there not children at risk all the time? ARE NOT PEOPLE BEING OPPRESSED IN YOUR MIDST EVERY SECOND? Do you realize your Pharisaical fanatic focus on days and diet as a means to righteousness without lifting a finger even once a week to do something meaningful and necessary for another Human Beings survival is one of the major contributing factors to Christianity being relegated to a dead ineffective cultish belief set. We were charged with changing the world through acts of sincere compassion love self sacrificing service and the pursuit of justice for EVERYONE in our midst. Why are we doing nothing but living insular lives where we serve we and leave the rest of humanity out in the cold. #christianity #orthodoxy #asianorthodoxy #socialjustice #social-responsibility #thetruegospel #praxis #theosis #ourmandatoryresponsibility #weareourbrotherskeeper #justice #ethiopianorthodoxchurch #lalibela #KEYWORDS #Hashtags You can see it here:

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