Photo : jemalski: For many months now I have seen countless memes and postings about what is supposed to be contained in the Ethiopian Bibles that are several hundred to almost 2000 years old. A lot of people are claiming that their wisdom is different then the western translations. That they contain unaltered truth that the western versions had removed so that Church leaders politicians and policy makers could manipulate and control the masses through a distorted morality heresy and ignorance. The truth is the themes in the Ethiopian bible are consistent with all others Bibles translated faithfully and objectively before the mid-twentieth century. They unanimously agree on the truth of the matter that God is a God of Justice his character traits are that of a God that loves his creation and pursues peace through the pursuit of Justice for all social justice right-making for all human beings by nurturing supporting and uplifting them. We all seem to be searching for a magic bullet a red pill perhaps that will give is an advantage or elevate us to a new level of consciousness that will prove and validate our personal philosophies that guide us through life. The 28 literal uses of the word Justice along with the hundreds of references in the Old Testament to being just as a Godly trait are still there. The use of the word Diakonia denoting Justice in a general sense is still in their New Testament scriptures. The magic bullet the Red Pill you seek to gain enlightenment and attain a new level of consciousness and value is right in front of your face whether written in Ge-ez Amharic Hebrew or English.the pursuit of Justice for ALL human beings on the face of the earth is the spirituality that the God Consciousness consist of. From South Dakota to Chicago to the Congo the Horn of Africa and Australia for ALL HUMAN KIND. #originalorthodoxy #orthodox #ethiopianorthodoxchurch #asianorthodoxy #clarity #justice #socialjustice #rightmaking #thetrueGospel #thetruegospelisisPeacethroughServiceandJustice #KEYWORDS #Hashtags You can see it here:

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