Photo : jemalski: Knox Pillitteri and the Pillitteri Family visit Knoxs birth mother at her home in the village of Chitu Ethiopia on June 7 2016. The Pillitteri family Kristen Michael and Knox traveled to Chitu Ethiopia 30 minutes outside of Woliso to visit Knoxs birth family during a trip to Woliso on behalf of Children’sj Hope Chest. Knox was adopted at nine months old by The Pillitteris who have maintained contact with their sons birth family since his adoption. Now age four Knox makes his first trip back to Ethiopia to experience his first reunion with his birth family. Both Knox Pillitteri and Ermias Blank inspired their respective adoptive mothers to team up in partnership with Childrens HopeChest to establish a CarePoint in Woliso which strives to keep families intact prevent orphans and break the cycle of poverty. #children’sHopeChest #adoption #orphan #orphancare #adoptionreunion #adoptionreunions #africa #eastafrica #ethiopia #ethiopian #woliso #love #getty #gettyimages #gettyimagesoffduty #KEYWORDS #Hashtags You can see it here:

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