Photo : jemalski: I heard somethings today on this last High Sabbath at the end of Succos that I need to comment on. First off the Bible is a HEBREW book a HEBREW document written in a HEBREW context. To properly understand it you must fully consider it in a HEBREW context. NO AMOUNT of schooling or experience in an western protestant/evangelical environment is going to accurately prepare you to fully understand the Bible without education considering a hebraic context and approach. The Western/Proto-Evangelical mindset is diametrically opposed to Hebraism and for that matter Judaism and therefore will bring its own pretext into dealing with and reading the scriptures. Even in Hebrew Roots churches some do not fully understand the proper context. The first century church and the early churches in East Africa the near East Asia Minor and India all were Hebrew Roots churches keeping the 7th Day Sabbath the High Sabbaths and the dietary laws. But thats not what truly made them Christian. The true factors that took them beyond the realm of Sadducee and Pharisee were peace love selfless sacrifice and the pursuit of Justice. Just self-sacrificing peacemakers who DID stand up against injustice on EVERY LEVEL. They embodied Christperiod. Keeping Sabbath was just a part of the character because Yeshua did as did the Apostles and the rest of the churches the Apostles spawned up until present day in the Eastern Orthodoxies. For 24 years I have heard ministers Blow it when talking about the 8th Day Assembly today unfortunately was no exception. Hebrew Roots churches have to return to their roots as justice oriented peace making agents of change in their respective communities while all others need to get real about what it is to be educated in the bible. Your simply rehashing the same distorted synchrotized theology that bought black people here in the first place and justified it. #thetruegospel #hebrewroots #socialjustice #orthodox #succos2016 #christianity #truechristianity #originalchristianity #failedchristianity #heresey #wordplay #asianorthodoxy #KEYWORDS #Hashtags You can see it here:

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