Photo : jemalski: If Biblical Christianity is supposed to be a copy or counterfeit of another religion or older religions then shouldnt the adherents to the copied religions and ancient religions be masters of and exemplary examples of peace making righteous judgement and social justice? Model examples of peace and service strong examples of morality and uprightness in their communities. Shirt off my back for your neighbor no homeless amongst you no malnourished peoples among you no disenfranchised downtrodden depressed or hopeless among you. You should be pillars of peace and love in your community able to be living examples of your faith not sowers of discord vengeance and violence born out of a need to diminish another to elevate yourself. Your language should be that of love righteousness and justice since those ancient beliefs are what Christianity is based on right? That being said whatever you practice should make you a beacon of light wisdom love and justice in your community. Too too many times those who attack Christendom attack models that synchrotised and took from Babylonian Egyptian and other concepts to arrive at a belief system born pretty much in the 4th-5th century. Those systems that condoned racial or ethnic superiority WERE NEVER OF GOD IN ANY WAY. Whereas the roots of what came to be Eastern Orthodoxy were planted in the 1st century in Ethiopia Egypt Syria and India and points in the East in between by the Messiah and his original servants themselves. The practice of the Eastern/Asian church being an entirely different theology simply because it is based on Theosis becoming the divine and living a life reflecting the divine and Praxis the living out of the Gospel of Peace/Shalom through righteous living and the pursuit of Justice. If you need to elevate your faith by diminishing another you actually diminish and nullify the ideas you are trying to represent and do your cause a complete disservice. #orthodox #orthodoxy #asianorthodox #asianorthodoxy #ethiopia #ethiopian #ethiopianorthodoxchurch #truefaith #praxis #theosis #beyourtruth #liveyourtruth #servehumanity #careforhumanity #justice #socialjustice #KEYWORDS #Hashtags You can see it here:

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