Photo : jemalski: I felt the need to share this again because this is exactly how I feel in light of everything..Right relations with God cannot exist without right relations with others especially the disadvantaged – Michael Gorman Becoming the Gospel: Paul Participation and Mission. In straight language this means that any and all efforts to worship or serve the creator with anything other than sincere and nurturing care towards all other members of the human race are vain efforts made while practicing a false religion and empty spirituality. You cannot hold in contempt or have disdain for another ethnicity tribe or race and claim to be Christian. You cannot enslave people free them at a disadvantage while building systems made to profit off of their suffering and engineered dysfunction and call yourselves Christian A Christian Nation or Servants of God. You cannot build an inspired belief system where people are declared cursed due to the color of their skin and 3/5ths human with tails and yet claim ANY association with the creator of the Universe. Nor can you claim any association with God while you pit ethnic groups against each other and commit acts of genocide upon them in the name of what ever contrived madness you make up to justify manipulation and sin. The people of the most high God were and are humble loving compassionate Justice seeking and deeply repentant people because they respected the Creator of the Universe and his creationwhich if you were and are in tune with God you would recognize God in his offspringyour neighbors your fellow men. And Yourselves and realize that all men are your brothers and sisters. #orthodox #orthodoxy #socialjustice #allethiopianlivesmatter #oneraceonepeople #oneraceonepeopleoneblood #humanrights #ethiopia #theTrueGospel #love #compassion #justice #thejusticeofGod #KEYWORDS #Hashtags You can see it here:

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