Photo : jemalski: There have been no theological developments for the follower of Yeshua occurring anywhere west of Rome (Pauls Ministry) after the first century A.D. There have been Holy Men and Woman great examples of faith and great leaders and individuals who patterned their lives after and committed themselves to The Way that those in the Eastern/African faith circles respect and admire. But the truth is that our ultimate purpose to become the Devine to become a member of the Family of God to Become God was stated and capped perfectly by the Apostle Paul during the First century. Great theologians have expounded upon major themes of righteous character defined by the pursuit of Justice for all love compassion for all defending the weak and the oppressed and righteous judgment but they are all basically statements expounding upon Biblical principles. As European Christianity became Western Christianity we see a series of entirely new belief systems arise. Ones that call people like my self 3/5s human and justify the enslavement and the genocide of yellow black and brown people. Ones that venerate figures from other belief sets and the occult ones that replace spiritual one-ness with the creator with physical wealth and prosperity as being evidence of Godliness. And in their grandest failure those sets replace the pursuit of Justice and Social Justice with apathy and cowardice that promote widespread hate racism tribalism and imperialism as being unchangeable forces that we can only languish under while we offer feeble and weak prayers to the powerless Sky God. The more we have gotten away from God through man-made tradition and man-Government-agenda laden theology the more we suffer from the absence of divine intervention growth and justice. If you wonder where Yeshua is and why he may not be hearing you consider how you are reaching out to him and what may be the idol in your heart (Ezekiel 14) between you and him. Injustice abounds all around us. TRUE CHRISTIANS are COMMANDED to address injustice and seek justice for all even if it means our lives. #theosis #trueorthodoxy #justice #socialjustice #truefaith #shabbatshalom #KEYWORDS #Hashtags You can see it here:

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