Photo : dishinguptoronto: In many Ethiopian-Eritrean dishes the use of aromatic spices that fill the kitchen and neighborhood are very common. One can recognize when an Ethiopian-Eritrean restaurant or home is around just by the aroma of the fused spices in the air. One of the main ingredients used in many Ethiopian-Eritrean cuisines is Berbere a spice that consists of a combination of red chili peppers cumin garlic coriander ginger basil and corrorima. This spice is indigenous to Ethiopia-Eritrea as it originates in these countries. Because it is produced regionally most farmers grow the red chili peppers on their farm or backyard. When ripened the red chili peppers are then picked out by women and laid outside to be sundried. This process takes about a week depending on how sunny it is outside. After the chili peppers have completely dried they are then grounded with the other dried ingredients listed above using a hollow wood container and heavy logs to turn it into powder. Niter Kibbeh which is a clarified butter mixed with grounded forms of ginger garlic and salt. Berbere and Niter Kibbeh are traditionally prepared at home in Ethiopia-Eritrea. These ingredients can also be found in convenient stores that carry imported Ethiopian-Eritrean products. Although Teff is a very important indigenous food ingredient used to make Injera another substitute used by Diaspora to make Injera is rice flour. This is due to the convenience of rice flour as compared to Teff. Teff is hard to grow as it requires specific climate and areas of high altitude. Other non-indigenous ingredients used consist of red onions tomatoes potatoes salt chickpea powder cabbage carrots green lentil red lentils string beans and beet. Submitted by Bethlehem ethio #KEYWORDS #Hashtags You can see it here:

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