jemalski: Dear Friends and friends of friends who have…


Dear Friends and friends of friends who have “opinions” on what they think of “Christianity” and it being “the white mans religion”. Be aware that from 34 A.D. In Ethiopia and slightly later Nubia and Egypt, throughout the regions of Syria, Armenia and Turkey and beginning in 54 A.D. In India, Christianity was practiced for almost 1000 years before it took shape largely in Europe. In these regions for the most part it’s characteristics were Hebrew Roots in nature (mirroring the first century church that Yeshua began) and largely identifiable by its maintaining of the seventh day sabbath, the high sabbaths, the dietary laws, etc. However one of the larger more definitive characteristics was Love…actually love rooted in understanding the concept of Theosis. i.e. Understanding that man is to become God through the processes of devotion and obedience to and imitation of God. With that said…when a lot of people rant about “the white mans religion” you speak in deep ignorance and you play yourself in front of millions of Black, Brown and yellow people who practiced it for two thousand years and who are actually in most cases descendants of the 12 tribes of Israel. Can you begin to research and think before you share meme’s and write stuff that reveals more ignorance than knowledge?….just a thought… #orthodox #orthodoxy #asianorthodoxy #ethiopia #ethiopian #ethiopianorthodoxtewahedochurch #ethiopianorthodoxchurch #malankara #malankaraorthodox #christianity #hebrewroots #7thdaysabbath
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