sincerely-elsh: be-blackstar: cerradiano: Ethiopian Meskel…




Ethiopian Meskel Celebration at the International Community School Addis Ababa. 

Photos by Sara from ouryuppielife

“Meskel is the holiday celebrating the discovery of the one true cross of the Ethiopian Orthodox Christian religion. 

In the fourth century, Queen Helena had a revelatory dream that the smoke of a bonfire would lead her to where the one true cross was buried.  She ordered the people of Jerusalem to bring wood and build a large bonfire, or Demera and burn it with frankincense.  The smoke rose and fell to the spot the cross was buried. Meskel is celebrated every year with a feast and burning of a Demera.  Small yellow Meskel flowers decorate the ceremonies.  The ash from the Demera is used to mark a cross on the foreheads of the Orthodox followers.”

I was wondering where all the white babies came from…ICS, makes sense now. 

Look at how beautiful our culture is


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