jemalski: Shabbat Shalom….This is Bole Medhane Alem in Addis…


Shabbat Shalom….This is Bole Medhane Alem in Addis Ababa on a Saturday morning in 2015. As has been the case for almost 3000 years the Seventh Day Sabbath is observed in Ethiopia. In most cases not as rigorously as Scripture stipulates but nonetheless it is recognized and observed. Whether observed by the Beta-Israel, Beta Abraham or the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, it is observed. Sabbath keeping amongst Christians in Ethiopia has nothing to do with Adventist, Church of God Seventh Day or any European or western theology or church movement. Simply put its what has always existed since the FIRST century. The Apostles who spread the Gospel amongst them as well as the Malankara Indian Orthodox Church and the other regions which formed the basis for other Orthodoxies never spoke in terms of it being “done away”… Rather it simply was a part of the God nature and was a blessing to be enjoyed. I don’t keep it because I think the law saves me, rather I keep it because my Father made it as a day of rest for me and those who choose to follow in his footsteps and his example as they humbly strive towards the transformation into the divine. #ethiopia #ethiopian #ethiopianorthodox #ethiopianorthodoxchurch #ethiopianorthodoxtewahedochurch #habesha #africanchristianity #easternorthodoxy #eastafrica #asianorthodoxy #christianity #praxis #theosis


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