jemalski: I may have fallen victim to a meme where a quote was…


I may have fallen victim to a meme where a quote was taken out of context but on the real I am officially done with shit like this. He is entitled to his opinion as we all are but it goes to prove a bigger point about education. There are millions of brown and black people who have been practicing Christianity for the better part of 2000 years and before the first churches were built in Europe. There are Hebrew Christians in South Africa who were keeping the Sabbath before the missionaries came, before a Seventh Day Adventist ever existed. I know there is a war on Christianity and a lot of black people in our midst are hating on western Christendom for reasons I understand and in some cases agree with…but can we now take a stand to be educated? If you want to hate the faith after learning about the eastern church which the churches in Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt were a part of along with the churches of India and the Middle East….do so. If you wanna hate after learning that Judaism and Christianity in East Africa have a 3000 year old History then do so. I respect a person who just says it. But ball park statements like this, if Chris said it proves we have a long way to go in educating ourselves about our real history and the better look is to stay rational and focused and not succumb to ignorance born from irrational blatant ignorance….You feel this way…that’s you…cool. And if you go to Lalibela or Lake Tana or visit the Eshembe in the Eastern Cape or connect with other “Sabata” in South Africa and you still maintain your stance then that’s your prerogative. For those that want to speak and disagree from a place of true knowledge I will always have great respect for you even if I don’t agree… #christian #christianity #antichristianviewpoints #africanchristianity #letsgeteducated


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