jemalski: In my experience there seems to be 2 approaches to…


In my experience there seems to be 2 approaches to law (the 10 commandments) and personal process that are unique to the Eastern approach and the the Western Approach. Some would say I could simply phrase this differently and say the points are solely divided along the lines of Orthodoxy vs Evangelical/Protestantism but as most of my brothers and sisters in arms in the realm of Orphan Care and AIDS Orphan Issues are either Methodist, Catholic or Orthodox I cannot equivocally make that statement. What I want to say is this: The one approach follows the notion that Jesus paid it all by his sacrifice and that we are saved by confession and profession of Jesus name and subsequently free from the law, only responsible to strive to be “Good people” and live “upright”. The other approach is that law is a part of our growing divine morality and the understanding and keeping of it is a part of what transforms us from Child of God to Spiritual Adult, but doesn’t save us. In the the Epistle of Romans, chapter 10, verse 4 the KJV reads:
[4] For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to every one that believeth. “The end of the law” is always construed as he finished or closed the issue of law. This understanding stems from the one approach that believes all is done away. The reality is that “end” in this case (the archaic case/biblical context) means “an ultimate state or condition” or example of “the complete idea”. The true intent or focus of Paul’s writings is that we are on the path to becoming the divine, and we do so by imitating Yeshua’s morality, disposition and character. If we begin to look at this in terms of law (the 10 commandments) as a guide and goal in the transformation into the divine as opposed to how we reap blessings for doing what’s mandatory we could and would get a whole lot further in our spiritual pursuits…. You become a successful adult by learning and adhering to the standards and rules of morality and living as learned from your parents. #christian #christianity #orthodox #orthodoxy #easternorthodox #easternorthodoxy #ethiopia #ethiopianorthodoxchurch #ethiopianorthodoxtewahedochurch #africanchristianity #ethiopian #Lalibela


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