jemalski: Lately I have come across really trite and alarming…


Lately I have come across really trite and alarming instances of blatant ignorance and cognitive dissonance within the “Christian Community” and the “7th Day Sabbath” movement that are tiring and disappointing. In the states I hear the arguments over the validity of the Sabbath and the laws of God being waged as if ones salvation depended upon proving it. People waste time and extend endless platitudes trying to argue what are ultimately choices between the educated and the uneducated. “Super Christians” argue back and forth about being saved and not having to keep law vs keeping the law including the 4th commandment. Meanwhile all of your inner selves are corrupt…you fake happiness and spiritual strength as you do your best to hide your Tinder Account from your wife. Your families are in disarray and your children are left to fend for themselves, often faking the same empty spirituality, thinking they are saved because they can quote scripture and arrogantly claim salvation, barely masking the violently narcissistic empty souls you and they really are at present. If you really think that pride and arrogance about ANYTHING is a part of the Christian Walk you are deeply deceived. If you think you can elevate your self by putting others down to prove how spiritual you “now” are, your “new spirituality” is as fresh horse dung. All of these arguments and platforms in the context of the Older and Original Eastern Churches are simply ludicrous and complete wastes of time. I don’t understand how if at the core you have a snap shot of the theological attitudes of the first century church with the Orthodoxies of the East why do you continue to wage dumb arguments. The Sabbath in the East was taught and approved by the Apostles and has been kept for 2000 years. The High Sabbaths were kept and approved by the Apostles as were the dietary laws. These were the minor points of the Gospel. But what was the main thrust of the Apostolic teaching from East Africa to China? LOVE OF GOD, HUMILITY, LOVING YOUR NEIGHBOR ABOVE YOURSELF AND DEVELOPING THE FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT. Why are these not our points of focus in the “Super Educated” west? #christianty #orthodoxy


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