jemalski: One of the beautiful and soul stirring things about…


One of the beautiful and soul stirring things about Timket and fellowship with the Ethiopian Orthodox Church in general is the devotion and excitement of the youth. Nurturing and protecting our young people and young adults is a crucial element of the Gospel responsibility. We are to care for and offer a safe place or “a place of safety” to all youth as if they are our own. We are to be an ear and a humble yet firm guide through dark times and provide divine levels of encouragement as they navigate the challenges of life on the journey to adulthood and ultimately Mount Zion. When we enlighten our children about the essence of Transformation theology and their purpose as the future offspring of the creator of the universe we plant the seeds of endless possibility and knowledge of the access to unending strength, support and love. To any person of faith or consciousness remember you have no future if you don’t support and encourage the children in your midst. To the followers of Christ the legitimacy and authenticity of your faith and Gospel walk depends on how you raise, nurture and uplift the children around you. They are made in Gods image and are to be treated as the future sons and daughters of God at all times. #ethiopia #ethiopian #ethiopianorthodox #ethiopianorthodoxchurch #ethiopianorthodoxtewahedochurch #habesha #orthodox #orthodoxy #africa #africanchristianity #praxis #christianty #hebrewchristianity #hebrewroots #timket #addisababa #shabbat #shabbatshalom


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